Ruminations: Daya’s “Sit Still, Look Pretty”

Today’s post is a short musing on singer Daya’s recent song, “Sit Still, Look Pretty.” It is also the first installment in a new series called “Ruminations” that I’m starting here at But Why? to foster conversation and musings about songs, books, quotes, etc. Check it out:


I won’t lie — this song is catchy. This is exactly the sort of music I run to, and I like Daya’s “I don’t need a man” vibe. Romantic relationships aren’t the only thing in the world, and they shouldn’t be anyone’s sole focus.

What I’m not lovin’ is the second verse:

“That Snow White
She did right in her life
Had seven men to do the chores
‘Cause that’s not what a lady’s for.”

I agree — cleaning is NOT what a woman is for. But should we applaud Snow White for making men do it for her? Is that what a man is for?:/ Is anyone “too good” to perform chores like cleaning? Isn’t saying women are too good to clean, and therefore that men should do, also a sexist statement? (Not to mention the factual inaccuracy that Snow White WAS doing the chores for the dwarves…)

Regardless, those lyrics leave a bad taste in my mouth — cleaning isn’t what any human is for — but overall, I like the message that girls don’t need to sit still, look pretty, and wait for a man.

What do you think?


Thanks for joining me. Let me know you think about these lyrics OR the new “Ruminations” series in general in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you🙂

Quote Challenge Day 3

Thanks to alceptress for nominating me!

For my final quote, we turn to music, and a hard rock band called Alter Bridge:

“We have our misfortunes,
the darkest of days,
but we must endure and keep strong.
Just look to the morning,
the promise awaits,
and know that this life must go on.

And the sun always sets,
the moon always falls.
It feels like the end;
just pay no mind at all.
Keep rolling —
rolling —
Life must go on.”

– Alter Bridge, “Life Must Go On”

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Quote Challenge Day 2

Thanks to alceptress for nominating me for the three-day quote challenge!

In my early teens, I worshiped a manga called The Prince of Tennis. As an avid tennis player myself, I appreciated the characters’ tenacity as well as their humorous twists on regular tennis shots. One of my all-time favorite quotes comes from the series’s author and illustrator, Takeshi Konomi:


From the beginning of the ninth book — my favorite quote of all!

“What’s worthwhile is never easy.”

This applies to anything — from sports to writing to whatever your passion may be. There are no shortcuts; we have to put in the work.

Today I’m nominating Blooming Laura and anotetohuguette. The rules: post three quotes across three different days, link to my blog, and nominate two new bloggers, if you choose to do so🙂

Missed part one? Check it out here. Stay turned for part three!

A Big Thank You — and Networking!

Something super cool is happening here at But Why?: I’m 75 followers shy of 1000.

1000? For real?!

When I nervously published my first post, I didn’t expect any views, let alone likes or comments. Now, to have connected with almost 1000 followers… It’s unbelievable. Everyone has helped me grow and learn so much since October 2015. To each and every one of you: thank you!


Photo Credit: Graham Erwin

To celebrate this *almost* achievement, let’s connect on social media.

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{Guest Post}: Sexism

Good news, everyone! It’s my very first guest post🙂 Check it out below!

Just a Girl and a Bike

{Hello to all my readers.  This post was written by a very talented fellow blogger, Natalie.  I know that I have readers out there that will really enjoy this very insightful post.  Happy reading :)}

Let’s talk about sexism.

It sounds simple: there are boys and there are girls, and everyone should be treated equally. Telling women they should have children instead of work? Sexist. Telling men they shouldn’t show emotion or cry – ever? Also sexist. And pressuring girls to wear pink and boys to wear blue? See previous statements.

No one wants to admit that they might be sexist, but maybe we, as a society, need to talk about. I confess – I’m a recovering sexist.

Tomboy Image Credit: Chris Murphy, creative commons

If I had to summarize my personality in one word, I’d choose “tomboy.” In high school, I played competitive tennis. In college, I bought a…

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{Guest Post} Finding Myself

{Hi all, Natalie here. Today’s post was graciously written by Julie from Just a Girl and a Bike. You don’t need to be a cyclist to appreciate her ruminations on meaningful living — enjoy!🙂 }

I used to strive to reach my full potential by checking things off a mental to do list.  Despite the unexpected challenges that life presents, the unplanned paths that appear, physical situations or mental states of mind, I simply could not let go of focus on the plan.  If I did not accomplish the things that I had set out to do, then I would not be successful.

I truly believed that self-realization could only be obtained by force.

handsI now believe that self-realization is a very personal path.  It is different for each unique being.  For me, I will not obtain it unless I live more purposefully.  I must stop constantly looking ahead, and spend time seeking the things that have meaning for my being in the current moment. Continue reading