Your sexual orientation doesn’t matter. Neither does your race. Also irrelevant are your religion, gender, and political beliefs. No matter who you are and what you believe in, there is no excuse for violence.

As stated by Hamilton‘s Lin Manuel-Miranda: “[…] Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love / cannot be killed or swept aside.”


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Prejudice and hate are not the answers.

If we treat others with kindness — if we practice understanding and connect with others, if we appreciate our differences instead of targeting them — we can create positive change, and that lasts much longer than a sad Tweet, a blog post, or a solidarity filter on your Facebook profile picture.

That sort of change lasts forever.



Though I’ve been hiatus for a month, I hope to return to a normal posting schedule next week. Stay tuned!



49 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. I totally agree. As we are taught in Literary sciences. Difference is a construction. For instance take light and dark, we give a value / a preference to each term, but in reality one is not better than the other, they just are. Differences exist but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other, a fact, that for some people is difficult to except. The shootings in Orlando are a complete tragedy.


  2. Really feel devastated by the Orlando shootout. Its basically a huge group being massacred for loving according to their choice. It hurts and it must change. We can’t forget this and neither can we afford to ignore the dangers lurking behind our friends who make simple choices that should always be free.


  3. I read couple of your posts. I really liked them. Your focus on the issues that affect us, yet sometimes are overlooked, gives an insight of how well you have kept up with your tagline. Keep up the good work! Don’t forget to smile! Have a nice day.


      • I have a thought I haven’t heard mentioned before. What if we view these “people” as twisted, narcissistic losers who do this only for their own pleasure? Maybe it had nothing to do with the LGBT community. Was the Sandy Hook shooter anti-child? The Fort Hood shooter anti-military? San Bernardino anti-social workers? They all had opportunity and familiarity to become a player in their own depraved attempt to exert the ultimate power over others in arenas they knew.

        We attempt to make sense out of something that has no sense to it. I too feel the pain of the LGBT community but if we keep trying to compartmentalize these individuals, maybe we’re missing the bigger clues? I heard one person knowledgeable regarding self-radicialized individuals saying this guy did not fit that category, but he did fit all the other disturbing traits of mass-shooters.Yes, I am tip-toeing towards a comment about the tools he used to commit this horror, but that’s not my main focus here.


      • It seems to me like there was definitely a power trip involved in this — and many other shootings as well. While you’re right that the Sandy Hook shooter was probably not anti-child, I’ve heard reports that Omar Mateen was gay, that some of the people in the nightclub actually recognized him, and that this very much came down to him having a mental breakdown, given that all religions condemn the LGBT community. Assuming these reports are true and that no other pertinent info shows up, I think we can assume that this shooting had anti-LGBT roots, though certainly religion played a role as well. Of course, as more information becomes available, it’s possible that this can change.

        As for guns, they’re a difficult topic. I’ve got good friends on both sides of that argument, and both sides make valid points. There are responsible, safe gun owners out there who don’t deserve a bad rap, but undeniably the system is flawed. Some change is in order, but I’m not sure what course of action would be best. Politics are tricky.


    • Natalie I do agree that there was an anti-gay component to this. His upbringing played a role from what you read about his father regarding. He appears to either have been gay or confused as to his orientation.

      I was trying to sort this out, as I was writing it, but what I meant is how each of these people determines who they’ll target seems to be tied to a personal connection. Whether they are just trying to attack that group, or business or location or if it was the easiest for them to destroy because of their familiarity, I don’t know. But I do know it’s a very complicated topic.


      • Truly, it is a complicated topic! I’d love to hear what a sociologist/psychologist has to say about it — I have a feeling they’d agree with some of the things you’ve said 🙂


  4. Kindness for sure is the key for a more tolerant and peaceful future for all of us. Great post. I swam over from the Community Pool as I saw how often you commented there and helped others with advise. Good on you!


  5. Such a thoughtful post! 👍I totally agree with it! People should open their eyes and inculcate love in their hearts! Its shameful that god made us to love each other yet people get killed because of this! 😢


  6. I love how simple and to the point this is. You’re so great about not dragging something on, yet creating something that readers can enjoy while getting to the point. What a terrible tragedy the Orlando nightclub shooting was. I still can’t believe it!


  7. Well said, the change has to come from inside us. Inspiring people to accept and love each other as they are is the most beautiful message one can give. Thanks


  8. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Unfortunately, learning to accept one another’s differences is easier said than done and that’s so, so sad. This world would be so much more peaceful if we could just learn to be more accepting or just simply agree to disagree.


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