Short Fiction Publication!

1:1000 is a unique journal that pairs stories and essay with images — a new turn on the clichΓ© “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And the most exciting part? As of today, my newest short fiction piece about gender is available with them — “The Power of Water” — paired with Kayla King’s gorgeous river shot. Woohoo!

You can check it out here. Let’s show 1:1000 some love! πŸ™‚

Not a girl, not a boy, Maddie was in between, fluid.

Image courtesy of 1:1000

27 thoughts on “Short Fiction Publication!

  1. Hey there Nat,

    So I’ve just been nominated for a quote a day challenge and I nominate you. Sorry about it. Here are the rules.

    3 quotes each day.
    3 nominees to be nominated.
    Thank the person who nominated you.
    Inform the nominees.

    So you know… Hope you accept, love to see some of the quotes you have in your Rolodex.

    Have a good one!


  2. You have a very pretty blog from your images. I can’t really do images because I am not a very visual person. I hear writing more than read it. Thanks for looking over my blog for me,


  3. Very nice piece. I really enjoyed reading it! Great to have met you! I also read your community post. You are a very talented writer! I enjoyed your style, and your ideas! Look forward to reading more!


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