Poetry Publication!

[2018 update: Unfortunately this journal is no longer available online. Thank you everyone for your support!]

Flashback: In 2014, I was finishing my undergraduate studies, feeling pretty unsure about my future. My university’s literature magazine had rejected every piece I sent. Should I bother pursuing writing further? Did I need to go to grad school to succeed? Should I get a day job and write on the side? Up until this point, my life had been decided for me: go to school, do some homework, repeat. I had no idea what to do now that I could make my own decisions.

In this air of confusion and change, I submitted to a literature magazine called Otto. And when I was at my most vulnerable — scared, self-conscious, lost — they accepted my poem. My first lit mag publication! For that reason, they’ve always held a special place in my heart.

Otto Arts & Literature 2016 Cover

Image courtesy of Otto’s Facebook page

Flash-foward to 2016: I’m pleased to announce that Otto has accepted another poem. They’re asking for a $5 donation for the 2016 issue and a $10 donation to read the past few years’ issues. The money supports creative students at Tunxis Community College in Connecticut (see the link below for more information). If you’re a writer, and you want to get published, Otto is a fantastic place to start.

You can check out this year’s edition here. πŸ™‚

[2018 update: Unfortunately this journal is no longer available online. Thank you everyone for your support!]

69 thoughts on “Poetry Publication!

  1. Just keep submitting! That’s what I do. There are so many lit mags out there, most of tremendous good quality, that you’ll hit the bullseye sooner or later. And have faith in your work. Every successful writer begins this way. Once you get a few published pieces under your belt, you can more and more confidently think of yourself as “really published”. From there, the stars are the limit…. but I’m only aiming for the bestseller list πŸ˜€

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    • Ahh, the bestseller list… one day, I hope to see both of us on there πŸ˜‰

      But that’s good advice. The more you submit, the more likely you are to be published. You just can’t let those rejections get to you! Thanks for weighing in πŸ™‚

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  3. Congratulations! A first publication is always dear to any writer! You should always persevere and believe in your work if they come from a truthful and honest place. Here’s to plenty more in the future!




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