Quote Challenge Day 1

Thanks to alceptress for nominating me for the three-day quote challenge!

“‘That’s not a bad thing–not being the hookup type,’ she says, ignoring me. ‘And neither is being the girl who likes the hook-up. What makes any of it wrong is when you pretend to be something you’re not. That’s when the heartache starts.’

– Katie McGarry, Nowhere But Here

Though I’m not a huge fan of romance novels (or hooking up), the implications of this quote reach far beyond romance: know what type of person you are and act on what works for you. Not pursuing your interests? Letting peer pressure get the best of you? Never relaxing, even when your body needs it desperately? All three of these actions force you to pretend — that your passion doesn’t matter, that your differing opinion is less valuable because it’s in the minority, that you’re invincible. And all three of these lead to different types of heartache.

Different things work for different people, and we need to know ourselves in order to know how to avoid or overcome our individual heartaches. It all comes down to self-awareness, which is exactly what But Why? is all about. 🙂

Per the quote challenge rules, I now nominate two new people: I’d love to hear what sort of quotes are meaningful to Julie from Just a Girl and a Bike and Paul from Comics and the Cross. The rules: Post three quotes across three different days, link to my blog, and nominate two new folks, if you choose to do so.

Stay tuned for parts two and three!


20 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 1

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  3. So true. I think it’s important to note that we shouldn’t judge others just because they have different tastes. Whether they’re hooking up with someone every day or never dated anyone before, it’s what works for them .

    Love this post, and I excited to see what you write next 🙂


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