Quote Challenge Day 2

Thanks to alceptress for nominating me for the three-day quote challenge!

In my early teens, I worshiped a manga called The Prince of Tennis. As an avid tennis player myself, I appreciated the characters’ tenacity as well as their humorous twists on regular tennis shots. One of my all-time favorite quotes comes from the series’s author and illustrator, Takeshi Konomi:


From the beginning of the ninth book — my favorite quote of all!

“What’s worthwhile is never easy.”

This applies to anything — from sports to writing to whatever your passion may be. There are no shortcuts; we have to put in the work.

Today I’m nominating Blooming Laura and anotetohuguette. The rules: post three quotes across three different days, link to my blog, and nominate two new bloggers, if you choose to do so 🙂

Missed part one? Check it out here. Stay turned for part three!

22 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 2

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  2. Great quote. i would probably edit it to “seldom” because sometimes just a simple hug or making your person a coffee or spending time with your gran can be super worthwhile but quite easy… but the reminder that most things that count take time effort and energy is a great reminder all the same..

    Thank you
    love brett fish


    • Very true! Though some might argue that it’s difficult to set aside time to do those easy things, given how busy some people’s lives are 😉 Your comment is a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things!

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  4. Ah, you’re a manga reader!! I’ve heard of The Prince of Tennis, but unfortunately I’m not a big sports genre fan. One of my favorite mangas is The Majesty’s Dog. I remember staying up late cracking up at it. I loved it so much.

    P.S. I see why this quote is one of your favorites. It’s a great quote!


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