Quote Challenge Day 3

Thanks to alceptress for nominating me!

For my final quote, we turn to music, and a hard rock band called Alter Bridge:

“We have our misfortunes,
the darkest of days,
but we must endure and keep strong.
Just look to the morning,
the promise awaits,
and know that this life must go on.

And the sun always sets,
the moon always falls.
It feels like the end;
just pay no mind at all.
Keep rolling —
rolling —
Life must go on.”

– Alter Bridge, “Life Must Go On”

Sometimes, life sucks. Bad things happen. The important thing to remember is that life goes on — our misfortunes will end. We will survive. In our darkest moments, a reminder to “keep rolling” never hurts.

This song also reminds us that good times end; the sun sets on good days just the same as the bad ones. Perhaps this is a reminder to be present in every moment while we have it — because sooner or later, life must go on.

In the spirit of being present, I’d like to give a shout-out to all of my followers. We reached a special milestone recently:

More than 1000 followers?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To everyone who has supported me, thank you! ❤

This is my final quote challenge post. I’m supposed to nominate two new bloggers, but instead, I’m opening this up to anyone who wants to participate. Want to be involved? Post three quotes across three days, link to my blog, and nominate two new bloggers, if you choose to do so 🙂


We’ll be back to regular content next week. In the meantime, check out parts one and two here!

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