Micro Fiction Bonanza!

2020 has been a crazy year. That may be the understatement of the decade, but the truth is that everything feels outside of my control.

One of my favorite ways to cope with uncertainty has always been writing. I published a lot in 2016 when I was on the verge of leaving my job and committing to freelancing, a move that not everyone thought was right for me. Now, in 2020, the uncertainty is a lot bigger than me, but writing is still my go-to, this time in the form of micro fiction.

Though there isn’t a wholly agreed-upon definition, the most common caps micro fiction at 300 words. That doesn’t seem like much–300 words is little more than one manuscript page–but good micro packs a lot of meaning into that space, maybe because the word count is so restrictive: there’s no room for any detail or action that doesn’t move the story forward–and I love the challenge.

The following links are my best attempts, thus far, at this tiny form:

  • Relief,” a 166-word story at Fewer Than 500.
  • Safety Blanket,” a 50-word story at 50-Word Stories.
  • Stars,” Twitter fiction published by Cuento Magazine.
  • ISO,” Twitter fiction also published by Cuento Magazine.

Does quarantine have you writing more or less than before? What are your favorite micro magazines and stories? How much can you pack into fewer than 300 words?

Stay safe and well out there!

3 thoughts on “Micro Fiction Bonanza!

  1. This year has defiantly has been crazy, frustrating, and disappointing. Everyone had to deal with things being postponed.

    Well, two of my books will end up being less than 300 words. That is due to who the target audience is. Tale of the Cattail Forest is middle-grade (8-12), and Lizzy the Lizard is a picture. Since I have not started Greatest Discovery (which is also middle grade), don’t know how long that will be.


    • I’m hoping the second half of 2020 brings about some good for everyone.
      And yes, that’s a whole genre of super short pieces! I don’t write middle grade or children’s work myself, but I can imagine many of the things that are true about adult-aged micro stories are true about those genres as well!


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