Who is Natalie?

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Hi there! I’m Natalie Schriefer. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I’m a writer, editor, and full-time over-thinker grappling with thoughtful living — do my actions reflect what I think, or what others try to mold me into? Where do my beliefs and values come from? Why, exactly, do I do what I do?

Many of us are on autopilot: we plug away at jobs we don’t like to spend money on material things that don’t make us happy. Our relationships lack fulfillment. Social media goads us into embellishing our lives. Even when confronted with the possibility of something new and different, society dictates us; we do what we’re “supposed” to do instead of exploring new ways of thinking and behaving. This path offers the least resistance but the smallest share of happiness.

So let’s define ourselves instead. Let’s break some stereotypes and try new things. Let’s think – really think – about our actions and thoughts, and why we do what we do.

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77 thoughts on “Who is Natalie?

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  2. Wow, this blog is a really good idea. Being a full-time over thinker myself, I find myself constantly asking “Why?” to just about every single thing about life as well; I have to have a reason for doing most things, which I believe may be crippling at times and yet I still live life this way. Just from reading the tagline I was already intrigued, questioning everything is seriously the best way to go about life.

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  3. Hi Natalie. I really like the way you’ve positioned your blog, and I like the focus on gender – I think far too much about that. I mostly write book reviews, but try and incorporate some bigger questions into my critique of them – I’d be keen to know what you think. Meanwhile, keep blogging – you have a new follower.

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  4. I enjoyed reading your About. I sense you have a mission and purpose for existing. You want to forge your own path, and seem happy for others to join.

    I love living free, and believe it is possible to do so in our world. We don’t have to “twin” ourselves to be happy.


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    • Right, my homepage does not allow visitors to like the post — but my homepage doesn’t show the whole post, either! I don’t think anyone would want to like the post without reading the whole thing, so I’m going to leave it as is. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and thanks for stopping by!

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  6. Thanks for stopping my blog. It’s great to find other great bloggers, that I know without a doubt, I will follow and read. You seem like a great blogger and person, looking at this awesome About Page alone. I’m looking forward to seeing more amazing posts in my feed!

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  7. By the way, I love your site name and tag line. Indeed, not enough people take the time to think these days. We were probably told all our lives that we think too much, when in fact, it’s a strength, isn’t it? Now if more people would mull things over…perhaps READ once in awhile instead of watching TV or videos…Rock on!

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    • Mmm, reading 🙂 That’s one of my favorite things to do (surprise, surprise!). But it’s very true — it’s easy to skate through life without thinking about why we do what we do. Mulling things over is a great way to live more meaningfully. Cheers!


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  9. I love the way you presented yourself and your blog. I reckon with a lot of what you say, especially with the need to realize if your actions are an authentic expression of the self or more of a result of social pressure. It can indeed be a struggle to fully let yourself ‘be’, without judging the expression of it (is this sentence clear?, sometimes my non-native english tricks me).
    “So let’s define ourselves instead” (love the quote!). Amen sister 😉

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  10. I enjoyed your blog and the poetry I enjoy poetry most of my self quotes are from poems I write. I like your quote at the beginning too with your site its a wonderful attention getter and its wonderful question above all. congrats on your success and accomplishments I will stay in touch with your blog.


  11. I like your blog a lot. I have read just the latest post yet but I’ll surely come back later to read the rest.
    I too am not a big fan of romance novels though I like it in small doses.
    And you are the first blogger I have met who seems close to my age.
    Congrats for the success. You deserve it.

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  12. I first had to visit your About Page before I read your posts. And I must say,

    ‘Many of us are on autopilot: we plug away at jobs we don’t like to spend money on material things that don’t make us happy. Our relationships lack fulfillment. Social media goads us into embellishing our lives. Even when confronted with the possibility of something new and different, society dictates us; we do what we’re “supposed” to do instead of exploring new ways of thinking and behaving. This path offers the least resistance but the smallest share of happiness.’

    this paragraph has struck a chord with me. Very well written and so on point. Honestly, the more I read your About Page, the more I feel I’m reading something about myself. My thoughts are reflected here (in a slightly less articulated way though :P)

    Love your blog and I love the vibe its emanating. Would definitely follow you! I’m Aakansha btw. Nice to meet you!

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  13. I too was brought here by thinking, I love the way you put that. I do a lot of thinking about everything and I usually keep it to myself. But I have chosen to open up and share it with others! I look forward to digging through your blog and seeing what other amazing things you have written.


  14. Hey Natalie!

    Guess what! Now I understand why your eyes went straight to my wrong capitalizations!!

    You are a PRO EDITOR. 😉

    I might be an edtior’s nightmare.
    Maybe… I’m not sure. How would I know the typical timbre of editorial nightmares!!

    On a different note, I loved reading your blog.
    You’ll see me around.

    Thanks again for your comments in the Community Pool.
    Nice meeting you. 🙂


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