The Versatile Blogger Award

There’s a saying that things happen in threes. When it comes to this blog, though, it sure seems like good things occur in groups of two: both Johnny from sci.casual and 200 Saturdays until Paris have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you both! 🙂

The Versatile Blogger AwardBoth of these blogs are awesome, though their topics differ greatly. Sci.casual is all about science, and you know what I love? Science. Don’t let my creativity-based blog fool you — I was almost a geologist. 200 Saturdays until Paris has recently posted some great personal growth pieces that I absolutely adore; you don’t need to love Paris to relate!

I’m positively honored to have been chosen for this award by both of these kick-butt blogs. Continue reading

(Double?!) Blogger Recognition Award

Once upon a time, I took a mini-vacation from work, blogging, writing, life, etc. by traversing into the Adirondacks for a few days. Blogger awards must be in the air this spring, because while on hiatus, I received two nominations for the Blogger Recognition Award (right after my Liebster Award nominations just two weeks ago). Wow!

Thank you to both Mystery Date with a Book and (Over)Analysing Literature! You both rock!

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