When I started this blog back in 2015, I felt lost. I wasn’t happy with my job, but I wasn’t sure how to remediate that. I liked writing, but that didn’t sound like a reliable career choice. I started this blog as a form of escape, writing and posting twice a month, always counting down the days until the weekend, hoping and waiting for something better to come along.

As I found out, things don’t magically change on their own–I needed to put in the work. And I did: in 2016, I quit my job, started my freelance writing and editing business, and went back to school for a master’s degree.

Suddenly I was a whole lot happier–and busier. In 2017, I posted here only five times. 2018 has fared even worse, thus far. All of which meant I was about to learn another lesson: Sometimes it’s about knowing your limits; other times it’s about knowing when you need to change your plan.


Image Credit: Shannon Kokoska. Creative Commons.

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A Big Thank You — and Networking!

Something super cool is happening here at But Why?: I’m 75 followers shy of 1000.

1000? For real?!

When I nervously published my first post, I didn’t expect any views, let alone likes or comments. Now, to have connected with almost 1000 followers… It’s unbelievable. Everyone has helped me grow and learn so much since October 2015. To each and every one of you: thank you!


Photo Credit: Graham Erwin

To celebrate this *almost* achievement, let’s connect on social media.

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Swim on: WordPress Community Pool

[2018 edit: As of May 2018, WordPress has–unfortunately–shut down their Community Pool.]

I love Mondays.

Not only because I recently quit my job to focus on writing and had two recent journal publications. And it’s not only because I have exciting projects lined up, both with others and by myself. All of these rock, but there’s more to it than that.

The best thing about Monday is WordPress’s Community Pool.


Creative Commons. Image courtesy of Clintus.

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