Tennis-Themed Publication!

Once upon a time, The Girl with the Tree Tattoo posted about the difference between being someone’s friend and being friendly. Your ballroom dance teacher, she argued, isn’t your friend; he or she is being friendly, because ballroom is a business. Your teacher is part of your dance journey, not your whole life.

Backside of girl playing tennis. Text: "Now where's my next opponent?"

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Poetry Publication!

[2018 update: Unfortunately this journal is no longer available online. Thank you everyone for your support!]

Flashback: In 2014, I was finishing my undergraduate studies, feeling pretty unsure about my future. My university’s literature magazine had rejected every piece I sent. Should I bother pursuing writing further? Did I need to go to grad school to succeed? Should I get a day job and write on the side? Up until this point, my life had been decided for me: go to school, do some homework, repeat. I had no idea what to do now that I could make my own decisions. Continue reading