Swim on: WordPress Community Pool

[2018 edit: As of May 2018, WordPress has–unfortunately–shut down their Community Pool.]

I love Mondays.

Not only because I recently quit my job to focus on writing and had two recent journal publications. And it’s not only because I have exciting projects lined up, both with others and by myself. All of these rock, but there’s more to it than that.

The best thing about Monday is WordPress’s Community Pool.


Creative Commons. Image courtesy of Clintus.

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Poetry Publication!

[2018 update: Unfortunately this journal is no longer available online. Thank you everyone for your support!]

Flashback: In 2014, I was finishing my undergraduate studies, feeling pretty unsure about my future. My university’s literature magazine had rejected every piece I sent. Should I bother pursuing writing further? Did I need to go to grad school to succeed? Should I get a day job and write on the side? Up until this point, my life had been decided for me: go to school, do some homework, repeat. I had no idea what to do now that I could make my own decisions. Continue reading

Short Fiction Publication!

1:1000 is a unique journal that pairs stories and essay with images — a new turn on the clichĂ© “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And the most exciting part? As of today, my newest short fiction piece about gender is available with them — “The Power of Water” — paired with Kayla King’s gorgeous river shot. Woohoo!

You can check it out here. Let’s show 1:1000 some love! 🙂

Not a girl, not a boy, Maddie was in between, fluid.

Image courtesy of 1:1000

Life Lessons from a Hiatus

An employee grinding away at the same menial tasks day after day. An author struggling with writer’s block. A professional athlete in a slump. A self-employed entrepreneur exhausted from constantly marketing their brand/product. A blogger whose posts garner only a few views.

Sometimes, no matter how much you love something, you need a break.

Recently, I took a double hiatus, from writing and my full-time job. Here’s what I learned. Continue reading

(Double?!) Blogger Recognition Award

Once upon a time, I took a mini-vacation from work, blogging, writing, life, etc. by traversing into the Adirondacks for a few days. Blogger awards must be in the air this spring, because while on hiatus, I received two nominations for the Blogger Recognition Award (right after my Liebster Award nominations just two weeks ago). Wow!

Thank you to both Mystery Date with a Book and (Over)Analysing Literature! You both rock!

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Women in Action Comics

I’ve always loved comic books. In my early teens, I read only manga (a.k.a. Japanese comic books). Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time rereading and reviewing them on Goodreads, and I’ve noticed a weird trend. 

It sucks to be a woman in shonen manga.

“Shonen” is a genre of Japanese comic books with plots such as sports, sci-fi, fantasy, action/adventure, etc., featuring male leads. It’s usually marketed to boys, much like the US’s action genre.

So what’s the issue? Having a male lead isn’t a problem, though ideally, the spread between male and female leads in action series should be more even.

The trouble is that female characters get sidelined. Continue reading

MTV Publication!

“Is this real life? Is it just fantasy?”

This has been one of those weeks that can’t possibly be real. Queen, it must be fantasy.

Yesterday, I found out that Nanoism accepted my twitter fiction. Today, MTV accepted my essay on overcoming gender stereotypes, “Confessions from an Ex-Sexist.”

Woohoo! What an awesome start to the week (and to April).

Check out my short article here. Let’s show MTV some love 🙂


Twitter Fiction Publication!

Something exciting happened this weekend: Nanoism accepted my Twitter fiction submission.


Twitter fiction is the ultimate flash fiction: the entire story must fit within the space of a single tweet (that’s 160 characters). While taking a break from my dirt bike novel, I’ve worked on a couple short pieces, but this is one of my favorites.

Check it out here. 🙂 Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

Gender & Cussing [NSFW]

As its title suggests, this post contains swearing and is Not Safe For Work. Consider this your warning 🙂

There are two employees. One is a highly-driven corporate executive, John Doe. Things get done, but John loads the pressure on his employees. Behind his back, they call him things like “prick” and “asshole.”

The other is also a determined executive: Jane. She shares many qualities with John, with one key difference: Jane’s employees call her a bitch. Continue reading